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  • 63. Chi Chi / After Completion

    --- ---
    ------- above K'an The Abysmal, Water
    --- ---
    --- --- below Li The Clinging, Flame

    The Judgement

    After Completion. Success in small matters.
    Perseverance furthers.
    At the beginning good fortune,
    At the end disorder.

    The Image

    Water over fire: the image of the condition
    In After Completion.
    Thus the superior man
    Takes thoughts of misfortune
    And arms himself against it in advance.

    The Lines

    Change at the beginning means:
    He brakes his wheels.
    He gets his tail in the water.
    No blame.
    Change in the second place means:
    The woman loses the curtain of her carriage.
    Do not run after it;
    On the seventh day you will get it.
    Change in the third place means:
    The Illustrious Ancestor
    Disciplines the Devil's Country.
    After three years he conquers it.
    Inferior people must not be employed.
    Change in the fourth place means:
    The finest clothes turn to rags.
    Be careful all day long.
    Change in the fifth place means:
    The neighbor in the east who slaughters an ox
    Does not attain as much real happiness
    As the neighbor in the west
    With his small offering.
    Change at the top means:
    He gets his head in the water. Danger.

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