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  • 42. I / Increase

    ------- above Sun The Gentle, Wind
    --- ---
    --- ---
    --- --- below Chên The Arousing, Thunder

    The Judgement

    Increase. It furthers one
    To undertake something.
    It furthers one to cross the great water.

    The Image

    Wind and thunder: the image of Increase.
    Thus the superior man:
    If he sees good, he imitates it;
    If he has faults, he rids himself of them.

    The Lines

    Change at the beginning means:
    It furthers one to accomplish great deeds.
    Supreme good fortune. No blame.
    Change in the second place means:
    Someone does indeed increase him;
    Ten pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it.
    Constant perseverance brings good fortune.
    The king presents him before God.
    Good fortune.
    Change in the third place means:
    One is enriched through unfortunate events.
    No blame, if you are sincere
    And walk in the middle,
    And report with a seal to the prince.
    Change in the fourth place means:
    If you walk in the middle
    And report to the prince,
    He will follow.
    It furthers one to be used
    In the removal of the capital.
    Change in the fifth place means:
    If in truth you have a kind heart, ask not.
    Supreme good fortune.
    Truly, kindness will be recognized as your virtue.
    Change at the top means:
    He brings increase to no one.
    Indeed, someone even strikes him.
    He does not keep his heart constantly steady.

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