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  • 38. K'uei / Opposition

    --- --- above Li The Clinging, Flame
    --- ---
    ------- below Tui The Joyous, Lake

    The Judgement

    Opposition. In small matters, good fortune.

    The Image

    Above fire; below, the lake:
    The image of Opposition.
    Thus amid all fellowship
    The superior man retains his individuality.

    The Lines

    Change at the beginning means:
    Remorse disappears.
    If you lose your horse, do not run after it;
    It will come back of its own accord.
    When you see evil people,
    Guard yourself against mistakes.
    Change in the second place means:
    One meets his lord in a narrow street.
    No blame.
    Change in the third place means:
    One sees the wagon dragged back,
    The oxen halted,
    A man's hair and nose cut off.
    Not a good beginning, but a good end.
    Change in the fourth place means:
    Isolated through opposition,
    One meets a like-minded man
    With whom one can associate in good faith.
    Despite the danger, no blame.
    Change in the fifth place means:
    Remorse disappears.
    The companion bites his way through the wrappings.
    If one goes to him,
    How could it be a mistake?
    Change at the top means:
    Isolated through opposition,
    One sees one's companion as a pig covered with dirt,
    As a wagon full of devils.
    First one draws a bow against him,
    Then one lays the bow aside.
    He is not a robber; he will woo at the right time.
    As one goes, rain falls; then good fortune comes.

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