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  • 27. I / The Corners of the Mouth (Providing Nourishment)

    --- --- above Kên Keeping Still, Mountain
    --- ---
    --- ---
    --- --- below Chên The Arousing, Thunder

    The Judgement

    The Corners of the Mouth.
    Perseverance brings good fortune.
    Pay heed to the providing of nourishment.
    And to what a man seeks
    To fill his own mouth with.

    The Image

    At the foot of the mountain, thunder:
    The image of Providing Nourishment.
    Thus the superior man is careful of his words
    And temperate in eating and drinking.

    The Lines

    Change at the beginning means:
    You let your magic tortoise go,
    And look at me with the corners of your mouth drooping.
    Change in the second place means:
    Turning to the summit for nourishment,
    Deviating from the path
    To seek nourishment from the hill.
    Continuing to do this brings misfortune.
    Change in the third place means:
    Turning away from nourishment.
    Perseverance brings misfortune.
    Do not act thus for ten years.
    Nothing serves to further.
    Change in the fourth place means:
    Turning to the summit
    For provision of nourishment
    Brings good fortune.
    Spying about with sharp eyes
    Like a tiger with insatiable craving.
    No blame.
    Change in the fifth place means:
    Turning away from the path.
    To remain persevering brings good fortune.
    One should not cross the great water.
    Change at the top means:
    The source of nourishment.
    Awareness of danger brings good fortune.
    It furthers one to cross the great water.

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