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  • 57. Sun / The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind)

    ------- above Sun The Gentle, Wind
    --- ---
    ------- below Sun The Gentle, Wind
    --- ---

    The Judgement

    The Gentle. Success through what is small.
    It furthers one to have somewhere to go.
    It furthers one to see the great man.

    The Image

    Winds following one upon the other:
    The image of the Gently Penetrating.
    Thus the superior man
    Spreads his commands abroad
    And carries out his undertakings.

    The Lines

    [] Change at the beginning means:
    In advancing and in retreating,
    The perseverance of a warrior furthers.
    Change in the second place means:
    Penetration under the bed.
    Priests and magicians are used in great number.
    Good fortune. No blame.
    Change in the third place means:
    Repeated penetration. Humiliation.
    [] Change in the fourth place means:
    Remorse vanishes.
    During the hunt
    Three kinds of game are caught.
    Change in the fifth place means:
    Perseverance brings good fortune.
    Remorse vanishes.
    Nothing that does not further.
    No beginning, but an end.
    Before the change, three days.
    After the change, three days.
    Good fortune.
    Change at the top means:
    Penetration under the bed.
    He loses his property and his ax
    Perseverance brings misfortune.

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